Futuristic High Class Royalty Cards

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✦Futuristic pattern Cards
✦Bring with them a colorful, high class, very simple design
✦Wil make waves among your friends.

A new way to upgrade your game.

Having good poker cards is important for the comfort and enjoyment of the players .
They don't become tars or stickers even after many uses.
Therefore, they have a significant lifespan, which makes them economical.
They keep easy to mix and distribute, leaving the fun of the game intact !

Ours players say : "I get off playing with those cards !! "

Beautiful and elegant boxing. Choose between a paper box or a delicately brushed metal box.
Clean, unique patterned backs. Enough to prevent things from getting  boring .


  • 54 High quality card stock, with a soft and smooth feel
  • Regular, Size 3,5 X 2,25 in ( 88 X 58 mm)
  • Waterproof cards
  • Weight : 100G

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