Gold Foil Plated Cards

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✦100% Carbon Plastic
✦ Very soft touch
✦Package with a noble Gold Plated designed box

A sober design enhances the luxury feel.

The back design reflects the clear night skies .
They don't become tars or stickers even after many uses.
Back with Black matte surface with dozens of Gold Foiled stars.
Simple design, with high standards, leaving the fun of the game intact !

Ours players say : "I get off playing with those cards !! "

These cards were previously used in divinatory art, to question the stars and to predict the future. They served as a kind of Oracle .
Comes with a very special and elegant boxing.


  • 54 High quality card stock, with a soft and smooth feel
  • Regular, Size 3,74 X 2,25 in ( 88 X 58 mm)
  • Waterproof cards. Nothing like a nice cold drink when you play or practice !
  • Weight : 150G

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